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This cat has a very special way of greeting the postwoman 😹 (📹: @caters_news)@thejustinroyal was determined to reunite a lost baby deer with her mom 💗These people heard tiny cries coming from underground 😱 (📹: @viralhog)Watch this little boy and his duck grow up together 💙 (🦆👦: @mr.tandbee)Meet @journeyofnana, a 14-year-old velvet hippo who is the love of her mom's life 😍 On today's episode of #PittieNation, watch this earless senior pitbull live 100% in the present 💛This Uber driver surprises his passengers with rescue puppies 😍 Thank you, @dogoodjonathan! 👏You know @laurdiy from her popular YouTube channel…now it’s time to meet her dog, @moosetheminibully! Moose is the WEIRDEST mini bull terrier with some VERY strange habits. On today’s episode of The Dodo’s new show, You Know Me…Now Meet My Pet, watch Moose act like a complete and total weirdo while keeping his mom laughing constantly.Watch this 135-pound dog fall in love with a tiny piglet 😍 (🐶: @nana__george)This guy bought a home on 14 acres so he could start @fttfpitbull and rescue ALL the pit bulls 💙👏There's someone out there for everyone ❤️ (🐶: @pickle_and_onion)This giraffe was found with his foot stuck in scrap metal, but watch @lewa_wildlife set him free in this very intense rescue 💛👏 ​. ​Thank you to @martinbuzora for this amazing footage 🌟This baby bat is showing off his tiny white teeth 🦇💛