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This old feral cat had trouble settling into his new home — until he met these kittens 💞 (🐱: @tinykittenshq)This girl hopped on a plane to save a dog she fell in love with from @takisshelter…TWICE! ❤️ (🐶: @mayaandsnoopy)The look on this little boy's face when he meets a puppy just like him 😍 (🐶👦: @kelsayer)Stop and listen to these cats purring to feel deeply calm 😍 . Thanks to our friends: @cohty_neo @thatpurrlife @nikki_mae_b @julia_gulia1229 @b_b_b_bennyandthecats @phil_and_yuki @julia_gulia1229 @rosco_and_gus @jo_allyn @maxiecoon @oddboz @bunny080518 @gingerkittenmanMoms will do anything for their babies 💗🐘This dog is VERY excited to see the vet 😂 (📹: @csuvethospital)Watch these teeny tiny eggs hatch into the cutest little birds! 🐣On today’s episode of #WildHearts, spend a day in the life of a very cute rescued baby bat at @wingspawsnclaws 🦇💙Watch this sick stray puppy transform into a new dog — with the help of some rescued baby chimps at @liberiachimprescueprotection 😍You can never be too young to save a life ❤️ (🐶: @rosie_and_family)This family has 15 pets, one crazy schedule and the most perfect life ❤️ (🐶🐷🦆: @furballsinc)This firefighter saved a puppy — then realized he couldn't live without him 💛 (🐶: @rockyandtherescuer)