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It’s not uncommon for growing elephants to throw their weight around a bit. We saw this firsthand recently, when some of the older elephants decided that the junior orphans would benefit from a bit more time in the mud bath. Eventually, it was just a face off between one of the older girls and little Sana Sana — and she only backed off when Benjamin ushered her away! While all the trumpeting gives off an air of high drama, interactions like these are par for the course in elephant society, and the group soon reconvened as friends. _________ Videos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #🐘 #Tundani🐘 #SanaSana🐘 #elephants #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #funA century ago, 200,000 lions roamed the earth. Today, that number is closer to 20,000. The insidious impact of habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict are the major reasons behind their decline, but these big cats also fall prey to something as simple as a snare — a cruel looped wire set to trap animals for the illegal bushmeat trade. This handsome fellow was saved by our SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit earlier this week, after he became caught in a snare fixed to a tree. Once safely darted, the team was able to cut away the painful wire and treat the wounds it had caused. The operation was a success and the vet has given a good prognosis for a full recovery. Across Africa, species like lions find their futures increasingly threatened. To learn more about how our five SWT/KWS Mobile Vet Units and Sky Vets offer a lifeline, one patient at a time, visit: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _________ Photos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #KWS #DSWT #kenya #conservation #africa #savewildlife #protectwildlife #lion #savethelions #tsavo #mobilevet #wildlifevet #hopeThe number of elephants killed by poachers each year is on the decline, which is connected to a waning demand for ivory across China, new research indicates. This aligns with what we’ve seen on the ground in Kenya, particularly when compared to the shocking surge in poaching that followed CITES’s flawed decision to allow China and Japan to purchase ivory from the stockpiles of southern African countries. While the current downturn in poaching is promising, elephants aren’t out of the woods yet: More than 15,000 elephants are still poached across Africa each year, and the species could be wiped out if these rates continue — particularly when combined with other mounting threats, like human-wildlife conflict and climate change. We believe that every elephant killed is one elephant too many. While our 14 SWT/KWS De-Snaring Teams and Aerial Surveillance Unit remain vigilant in their patrols, we’re also working with communities to improve education and secure key wilderness areas. To learn more about our 360-degree approach to conservation, visit: _________ Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #🐘 #elephants #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #adoptTwo weeks ago today, Malima, Mapia, and Kuishi graduated from the Nursery to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit. After loading the three rascals simultaneously, we hit the road shortly after 3am and headed towards of Tsavo. The Keepers at Ithumba were standing by expectantly, and greeted the newcomers with well-deserved bottles of milk (photo 2). The trio exited the lorry together, clinging to their Nursery Keepers and taking in their surroundings with wide eyes and ears. It wasn’t long before their old friends from the Nursery — Sana Sana, Malkia, and Ndiwa — came running in for an enthusiastic welcome (photo 3). The rest of the Ithumba herd followed in small groups, barely able to contain their excitement over these new arrivals. As the day progressed, lots of wild-living orphans and other wild elephants stopped by to inspect the proceedings. While Mapia and Malima settled in immediately and were milling around like they owned the place, Kuishi felt a bit displaced and chose to remain close to her familiar Nairobi Keepers (see photo 4!). By now, however, she too has adjusted to life in Tsavo and feels right at home. Over the coming years, these three elephants will learn the ways of the wild and become comfortable with independent life — and we’ll be there to support them, every step of the way. #SWTgraduations _________ Photos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #Mapia🐘 #Kuishi🐘 #Malima🐘 #elephant #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #adoptNgilai has such a special flair when he drinks his milk! May 21 marked the first anniversary of his graduation to our Voi Reintegration Unit, and we couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. He still prefers the company of his Nursery friends (not that Mbegu, the very protective mini matriarch of the junior herd, gives him much choice in the matter!), but is becoming increasingly comfortable interacting with wild elephants. In time, he will join their ranks — but for now, he’s learning the ways of the wild at his own pace. To learn more about Ngilai, click our link in bio 🐘 _________ Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #Ngilai🐘 #🐘 #elephants #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #adoptMaktao’s rivalry with his nighttime neighbor Kiasa continues. They have an ongoing tug of war over each other’s greens through their stockade divider, and there is no armistice in sight! Maktao always has to keep an eye out for Kiasa, who is quite wily and will try to grab a branch whenever she sees the opportunity. Sometimes there’s nothing the Keepers can to do stop them, and they have to put up with their antics all night long! To learn more about Maktao, click our link in bio 🐘 _________ Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Chris Shane #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #Maktao🐘 #🐘 #elephants #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #adoptThank you to @thedodo for highlighting Dololo’s story — and the Keepers who helped him recover! #Repost @thedodo: Every night this orphaned baby elephant sleeps next to a guy who makes him feel safe at @sheldricktrust 🐘💙 #DodoHeroesCheza has a new partner in crime! Following her rescue in early May, we rescued another baby buffalo from Tsavo West just a few weeks later. Cheza has taken on the role of big sister with great enthusiasm, introducing little Ivea to all her favorite pastimes and showing him the ropes at our Kaluku Field HQ. Luckily, Ivea shares Cheza’s love of milk bottles and running around at full speed, so he tends to follow her around wherever she goes! Over the years, our field teams have rescued and raised a number of orphaned buffalo. Like those before them, Cheza and Ivea will have a home with us until they’re ready to be reintegrated into a protected wilderness. Your support makes this process possible — and for that, we thank you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _________ Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #ChezaSWT #IveaSWT #kenya #whyilovekenya #buffalo #cute #africa #savetheearthThis bathing beauty is Enkesha! She is obsessed with mud and dust, and luxuriates in it whenever she has the opportunity. She always keeps one eye out for her friends, though; when Maktao got stuck in the mud bath recently, Enkesha stopped her wallowing and worked very diligently to help get her little friend out. When we rescued Enkesha, a snare had nearly severed off her trunk. To learn more about her remarkable story of survival, click our link in bio 🐘 _________ Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #Enkesha🐘 #🐘 #elephants #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #cute #adopt #EnkeshaDSWTFor at least five decades, the majestic matriarch has presided over the Mara. Humans put her reign in peril, after she was struck with four arrows. Mara Triangle rangers saw her limping and informed our SWT/KWS Mara Veterinary Unit, who was quick to the scene. KWS vet Dr. Limo found the matriarch browsing with her family in a small thicket. After tranquilizing her, they were able to safely assess her injuries and carefully extract the two arrowheads that were still embedded deep into her muscles. After cleaning the four wounds, the team covered them in natural green clay and administered antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Patched up and given a positive prognosis for recovery, she was finally ready to re-join her waiting herd. It was a real triumph for all involved to see her get up unaided, especially given her older age and injuries. She has a family looking up to her, and more then 50 years of wisdom to impart to them, so we’re delighted to have this magnificent lady back on her feet. You can read about more about our SWT/KWS Veterinary Units’ lifesaving treatments at: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _________ Photos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #KWS #DSWT #kenya #conservation #africa #savewildlife #antipoaching #protectwildlife #mara #elephant #matriarch #savetheelephantsIt was a big day for Nursery’s big boys! Early this morning, Jotto and Ambo boarded our elephant transporter lorry and made the journey down to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit in Tsavo. This is our third graduation in two weeks and we’re pleased to report that it went seamlessly, just like those before it. Jotto was, understandably, a bit overwhelmed by all the new sights, sounds, and smells in Ithumba. With the help of his Nursery Keepers (who travelled with him from Nairoi) and the reassurance of good friends Mapia, Malima, and Kuishi (who graduated from the Nursery just 12 days earlier), he soon began to relax into his new home. Ambo, on the other hand, settled in immediately. He was content to soak it all in and bask in the love and attention being lavished on him by the Ithumba orphans. This is a major milestone for these young bulls. Jotto was just days old when he was rescued from a well, while Ambo was still an infant when he became stuck in mud. Although they didn’t get to grow up in the wild, we will help them reintegrate back into the herds of Tsavo when they’re ready. Life in this protected national park is already off to a great start for these two! See our stories for more behind-the-scenes glimpses of today’s graduation. #SWTgraduations _________ Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #🐘 #Jotto🐘 #Ambo🐘 #elephant #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #adoptThe orphans like to make themselves comfortable while they enjoy their milk bottles! To learn more about the orphaned elephants we’re currently caring for, click our link in bio 🐘 _________ Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Martin de la Torre #SheldrickTrust #DSWT #🐘 #elephants #kenya #whyilovekenya #bekindtoelephants #rescue #adopt