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ART + CULTURE + LANDSCAPE @thenorthface climber // @natgeo @sonyalpha photojournalist // @camp4collective commercial director

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Stumbling down from the summit of Everest with @prakashkemchay as the final humans high on the mountain. Although Prakash works as a climbing sherpa, ethnically he is a Gurung, a culture different that is equally as resilient and storied as the Sherpa. I learned a lot of important cultural lessons this year that I want to convey to you, but if you take one simple thing away from this post let it be the difference between ‘climbing sherpa’ as it’s become to be known as a job title for a high altitude guide and porter and the actual Sherpa people or Gurung people or Tamang people or Rai people (and many more) who all work as ‘climbing sherpas’ on Everest. Prakash dug so deep supporting our production this season and gained his first summit that will hopefully lead him to more work in the future, as his people begin to benefit financially and spiritually from this place the same way westerners and the Sherpa people have done for so many years. ~ Shot as part of the @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface #everestmystery assignment [shot on a7riii with FE 24-105 Gmaster at F6.3, 1/640s, ISO 50 with @tiffencompany circular polarizer]Thanks @irving_matthew for snapping these BTS photos during our summit push on Everest and keeping things hilarious and rolling up high after my oxygen regulator broke. Follow him @irving_matthew for some ruthlessly sarcastic commentary about my hat and this weird word we live in. ~ #hairbyEverest @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface #everestmystery assignment“As a photographer, I am both a champion of indigenous communities, and a colonialist. Every photographer affects the world as we reveal its places and people. So it's my responsibility to be truthful and humble, To resist shooting cliches when I'm amidst cultures I revere, such as the Sherpa or Tibetans. Cliches do not honor the depths of their character, or the complexity of their lives. Openness, patience, generosity, respect. Without these my camera is useless.” ~ Words / voice over written by @treefighter as we continue to work on the @sonyalpha behind the scenes of the @natgeo #everestmystery feature article and film being edited by @jaymacaveli and music by @lgnnelson #bealpha #sonykandotripAmazing day here at #sonykandotrip with the @sonyalpha team. Friends, collaborators, the latest technology, gracious models, and epic studio set ups for shooting and testing cameras (see stories for some of the madness). But personally my favorite moment was the unexpected, unlit, unfancy, pre bedtime candid shot with the one I love. @taylorfreesolo #goodnightworld #sonyalpha #sonyalphafemale #a7rivA hallowed gaze after one of the most impressive feats I have ever seen. I didn’t realize the carry a lot of ‘climbing sherpas’ (some of these high altitude workers are also Gurung, Tamang and other Nepali ethnicities) do each year on Everest. Starting at 20,000ft (6000m)advanced basecamp with a load of oxygen bottles up to 100lbs they carry all the way to high camp at near 28,000ft (8300m) and back in a single push through the night only stopping to hydrate and eat at the north col. In my opinion this is more impressive display of raw willpower and physical savagery than actually going to the summit. #toughjobs #portraitsonEverest ~ Shot as part of the @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface #everestmystery story with @m_synnott @thom.dharma.pollard @nickkalisz @irving_matthew @jimhurst @jamie8848 @prakashkemchay and teamA 26 photo drone stitch of Onekotan island, one of the masterpieces the Kuril chain: An active volcano rising out of the fresh water lake inside a caldera in the middle of the sea of Ohkotsk. ~ Most of these islands are currently uninhabited by humanity yet true depths were revealed to us by marine mammal biologist @bigdaddivladi who has dedicated his life to studying the complex ecosystem of life here. Hoping the film we are working on can help understand and protect this place. ~ With @taylorfreesolo @e_kaspersky @chrisburkard @jtkerby @rishisugla @tedhesser @_ryanhill_ @tomorrow_unlocked @ollyru999 @donreverendo @alejandroarango13 @povel @manfrottoimaginemore @adorama #fromkurilswithloveMakalu, 5th highest mtn in the world standing tall at 8,485 meters. Seen here bleary eyed at sunrise close to the summit of Chomo this past season. The nature of the light emitted was only comparable to that of an eclipse, a metallic yet soft spectrum. Burned only into a few frames and memories, this being one of them. ~ Shot as part of the #everestmystery @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface assignment with @m_synnott and team - @thom.dharma.pollard @jimhurst @irving_matthew @nickkalisz @jamie8848A few faces from the Tibetan Plateau shot during our journey into #everest bascamp. Resilient. happy. strong. All while living at 14,000 ft and conditions most of the planet cannot survive. ~ Shot as part of the #everestmystery assignment for @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface with @m_synnott and crew #portraitsoneverest“Back at high camp, 8300 meters A place of shredded tents and wind-strewn garbage, The earth’s highest dump, just below its highest cemetery The scene is so dystopian, so eerie, it feels like I’m on an alien planet That has just had its apocalypse. The rest of the team has gone on without me. I’m oddly at peace, Maybe it’s the satisfaction of doing something I never thought I’d do. In a place I never thought I’d see. Or maybe it’s the privilege I feel, to stand on the shoulder of the mother goddess of the mountains, and look out at the world. I never wanted to be here, Alone in the death zone, Surrounded by ghosts, But it’s so strangely beautiful, I can’t make myself leave.” words by @treefighter (David Gonzales) as we edit on the @sonyalpha BTS with @jaymacaveli for the @natgeo #everestmystery docLast few yaks and tents of the season waiting at 21,000ft advanced basecamp lounging under cosmos of the ‘mother goddess’ #chomolungma. It was a risky and nerve wracking move to skip the first weather window and wait until everyone else on mountain had left but also afforded a few of moments of unexpected tranquility. I was on my last legs when I tore myself out of a warm sleeping bag to crawl around in the snow one last time for some of the final frames of the expedition 🙏🏽 ~ Part of the @natgeo @sonyalpha @thenorthface #everestmystery assignment with @m_synnott and team. @thom.dharma.pollard @irving_matthew @nickkalisz @taylorfreesolo @drewness17 @jamie8848 @jimhurst @manfrottoimaginemore @adoramaWe didn’t know what to expect before meeting @e_kaspersky (Eugene Kaspersky), the founder and CEO of @kasperskylab, one of the leading cyber security companies in the world. But from the very first moment to the last day of this #fromKurilswithLove journey it was one surprising unfolding of his character after another. Eugene has an infectious joy for solving puzzles, especially Rubik’s Cubes. He also has an expansive love for the natural world and a big open heart for sharing places with others. During an interview, @taylorfreesolo asked him what he felt was the most simple thing we could do to lessen the human strain on our planet. He responded “We must consume less. Only consume what you really really need. We need so much less than we think. And no more single use plastics seriously NO MORE. Our economy is designed to make us want to consume endlessly but it’s our choice. We can do it.” And it’s evident that he practices this in his own life. Yes, our trip consumed a lot of resources (flights to get here, the fuel on the boat, etc) but it’s also been designed to actively support the ongoing efforts to help this ecosystem and there’s a lot more to come from this! Eugene has started to eliminate single use plastics from his company, offices and events. He is also a man of simplicity in his own life. He doesn’t wear any lavish clothes or crazy fancy outdoor gear, most of his apparel is left over stuff from corporate events. You just just tell he’s walking the walk and cares more about other people and our wild wonderful planet than about pretenses, which felt unique for a CEO of such a huge multinational company. Stay tuned for the film! ~ @taylorfreesolo @tedhesser @chrisburkard @rishisugla @ollyru999 @povel @donreverendo @alejandroarango13 @jtkerby @tomorrow_unlocked @bigdaddivladi @_ryanhill_A bit of creation happened today on a @thenorthface basecamp duffel. It was good to get away from pixel pushing for an hour and let this one come out very quickly. #art #procees @taylorfreesolo @rudy.le