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Rejuvenating our Sundays with a fresh and floral vibe🌸 . . #nykaabeautybook #summer #sunday #floral #flower #rejuvanateWakeup with fabulous hair . . Perfect hair is not something most of us believe can be possible without effort. You need to wake up, shower, condition and add serum in hopes of #glossyhair. Or do you? Our editors have a few tricks up their sleeve involving overnight #hairtreatments. . . Click the link in bio to know more about what serums, sprays, and masks work their magic overnight.Β  #nykaabeautybook #haircare #hair #serumCTM + Sunscreen every single day . . When you're in your teens, you need to take special care of your skin. Celebrity dermatologist @jaishreesharad recommends teens with oily skin to keep their skincare routine simple. Don't attack your face with too many products and keep your makeup minimal to let the skin breathe. And remember, choose products without alcohol that are light on the skin. #nykaabeautybook #skincare #oilyskin #oilyskinproblems #skincareroutine #ctm #sunscreen #summerskinKeeping our lips Β soft, colored and flawless πŸ’‹ . . The weather has turned crazy with the sweltering heat and occasional rains. And your lips shouldn't be battling it wearing lipsticks with thicker formulas. Instead, follow the trend of lip stains to let your lips breathe and not feel cakey. . . If you're looking for a list of lip stains we swear by, head to the link in bio. #nykaabeautybook #hydrate #lipstick #lipstain #lip #makeupMy hair may be sweaty but my hairstyle is STILL Instagram worthy . . When you're off to work or just running errands on the weekend, the heat can completely ruin your hair. And since most of us can't afford a personal AC to follow us everywhere, we need to get creative. The easiest hack is styling your hair in a way that the sweat doesn't ruin it. . . Click the link in bio for our list of sweat-proof hairstyles you can easily try out.Β  #nykaabeautybook #haitstyle #hair #summer #heat #sweatFriday night plans✨ πŸ“Έ @kreshabajaj . . #NykaaBeautyBook #FridayFeeling #KreshaBajaj #InternationalBathDay #friyay #treatyoselfKeeping our makeup on trend, always . . If you haven't already followed these trends, it's time you do. Keep your skin clear and without foundation using blurring primers that minimize the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. Get your hands on skincare-highlighter hybrids that use ingredients like hyaluronic acid and clay to amp up the glow. . . Head to the link in bio for more on the latest makeup trends of 2019 #NykaaBeautyBook #MakeupTrends #MakeupLook #Makeup #Primer #Highlighter #GlossWhen it comes to your makeup, go big or go home . . If you watched Lady Gaga at the met gala with her doll inspired eye look with OTT lashes, you know that we're in the season of Maximalism. So if you're looking to make your look a flashy success, this article is for you. Slather on a holographic lipstick or go Gaga on your lashes the bolder the better. . . Click the link in bio for our tips on how to follow the maximalism trend. πŸ“Έ @artshaman @fkatwigs #NykaaBeautyBook #Maximalism #OTT #MakeupLook #LashesWe've all heard a lot about how stone facial rollers are changing the skincare world. But do these jade and rose quartz rollers actually benefit your skin? and what really is the difference between the two? continue watching to know more. #NykaaBeautyBook #JadeRoller #RoseQuartzRoller #FacialRoller #SkincareShe's all about the brows . . Over the last two decades, brows have been through quite the roller coaster ride. They've been plucked, they've been allowed to grow free, they've had soap brushed into them but they're always in the limelight. Frida Kahlo showed off her unibrow unabashedly before anyone else. And now she's the poster child for women all around the world to learn to love their body as in. . . Click the link in bio to know more about our maximalist beauty icon: Frida Kahlo #NykaaBeautyBook #Unibrow #FridaKahlo #Icon #Brows #Makeup #Maximalism #MakeupTrend #RedLipNext Stop: Sicily . . This summer we're keeping things sweet as Sicilian Sweet Pea with our skincare. Take your skin on a quick vacation to the Mediterranean island of Sicily with our latest #WanderlustBathAndBody collection. What we particularly love about the collection is the three lotion variants: Body Mist, Body Lotion, and Body Butter. Each specially designed for a different skin type. . . Click the link in bio to know more about @nykaabeauty's Wanderlust Sicilian Sweet Pea Range. #NykaaBeautyBook #NykaaWanderlust #SicilianSweetPea #Wanderlust #NykaaNaturalsShe's got a fresh face full of collagen . . When it comes to skincare, collagen is trending. And this is one of the few occasions when the hype is worth the ingredient. It is the protein in your body that keeps your skins elasticity, glowing and vibrant. As we grow older, our body cannot sustain production leading to loose skin, fine lines and soon enough, wrinkles. But using products with collagen can stimulate the synthesis of new collagen production. . . Collagen encourages the renewal of cells and minimizes facial muscle contraction leaving behind wrinkle-free skin. Isn't that more than enough reason to look for skincare products with collagen in them? . . #NykaaBeautyBook #Collagen #Ingredient #SkincareTips #Skincare #Skin