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Was never the “running” eat a salad type fit a workout in however possible kinda girl - but then the way my goals were set up I needed the maximum confidence and best energy possible - so I had to choose then become. It’s so freeing to imagine that you can become any type you choose!🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #summerSong #summer19 #AgentSasco #SlowDown . . . #Repost @agentsasco ・・・ @julsbaby_ #SlowDown featuring yours truly... #OutNow‼️‼️♨️♨️ Wha unu say? DROP a flame 🔥 if you like it! #GiveThanksDon’t tell me anything and tell me “don’t tell anyone not even Jeffrey” better you don’t bother tell me I’m being honest I’m going to tell him - 🤣🤣 #mybestieThe best memories! Excited to make more with you @agentsasco 💕 #adventuresuccess #loveandmarriage #bestfriend #CampbellsinComo #summer17 #MondayMemoriesYou do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. - James Clear . . . It’s time to plug the holes our time escapes into! . I am a HUGE fan of SYSTEMS that run on AUTO! I talk about this in my book #thriveorsurvivethebook - I love ease - when you have a lot going on systems help you to #ChooseThrive - We need systems for work AND business - Even 5 mins saved adds up over a year and this is energy I can focus on my family or work. Pharmacy list is on auto - in Jamaica - you can set up your system using @fontana_pharmacy >> Delivery is $500, you can WhatsApp your list to the store 876-441-2941. Free if you spend over $5000. Pay by cash or card when item is delivered! . You can copy and paste the same list each month -use a calendar reminder [email protected] don’t run out of anything - when I do not physically go into the pharmacy nothing extra can catch my eye so I save $$$. . . . . #happyMonday #mondayMotivation #MondayTips #GOALACCELERATORCLUB #upLevel #levelUp #goals #successexpert #nicspire #passion #success #successtips #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #Winning #SuccessCoach #Inspiration #Motivation #ProfessionalSpeaker #visionboard #NicoleMcLarenCampbell #InternationalSpeaker #JamaicaWhile washing @thelcshow touched her hair and said “I love my hair” - I can’t ever remember saying that as a child. It touched me. I couldn’t wait to straighten mine. She started wearing her hair out after watching the movie Annie. Representation REALLY matters! #MelaninMattersEnter your weight?! I find these questions so offensive! 🤣 No but seriously isn’t it good enough that I’m about to exercise? 🤦🏽‍♀️ After being overweight and being on an on and off diet for over ten years (in my high school yearbook (graduating at 15 yrs old) my popular phrase voted by my classmates was “I’m on a diet” when I did my first Visionboard I had to dig deep for my WHY - and it was so inexorably tied to my mission and vision for my life - I need to FEEL empowered to empower. I need MAX energy to reach my BIG goals. I used to weigh myself daily even after I changed my lifestyle. But the anxiety and obsessing wasn’t working for me. What a journey this thing is! Now I go by FEELING and fit of my clothes. . Excited to have @iamkamilamcdonald and @livingleanclean as next Guest Experts for #GoalAcceleratorClub - they have so shaped my journey and help me to this day. DM me GOAL ACCELERATOR to sign up from now. It’s happening 2nd wk of July!8 years ago our lives changed forever ♾ Family is everything and LC today we give thanks to God for your life 🙏🏽 #LCturns8 #Jun29 #wecelebrateTodayMy baby turning a whole of 8 years old in one week!#FoodBoss #LCturns8Atlanta! I am SO excited! . I really couldn’t be more thrilled to be a speaker @werkprayslay this October!! . Save the date, book a flight and let’s UPLEVEL! DM me to grab your tickets!! . . PS I put 🌍 on my Visionboard - I pray daily, visualize, look at my Visionboard and WERK my strategic plan - but you have to step in faith even though the fear and uncertainty tek mi more time and I just don’t know HOW but you have to have the audacity to hope- God is in charge and I am SO SO grateful and filled up with purpose 🙏🏽🙏🏽💪🏽 . #GOALACCELERATORCLUB #upLevel #levelUp #goals #successexpert #nicspire #passion #success #successtips #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #Winning #SuccessCoach #Inspiration #Motivation #ProfessionalSpeaker #visionboard #NicoleMcLarenCampbell #InternationalSpeaker #Jamaican #mentalstrength #failure #resilience #Winning #MakeitCount #staymotivated #werkprayslay #AtlantaEventsI started @aimhigherfoundation because I saw high performing, low income students who needed the opportunity of university. The @aimeduservices team - Steph, Lilly, Lesley, our tutors and counselors - has powered the work of the Foundation and every year it’s a fresh excitement to see them THRIVE! . So excited! So proud of Monique! Her dad shared how early (before formal school) she begged to be taught to read AND operate the computer. . . And now she’s about to be a Computer Engineer! . . She came to one of our Open House events - now sharing that she had no idea HOW she would pay for @aimeduservices services not to University overseas. But, she took the first step! She then convinced her parents to invest in just one consultation. We soon awarded her a scholarship through the AIM Higher Foundation and guided her through the application process “Monique Brown, a student at the Immaculate Conception High School, hailing from a humble background, with an incredible support system along with the help of AIM Foundation, is now the Jamaican Scholar for Lafayette College. She heads there this fall where she will be studying computer engineering. Furthermore, she will be doing so with a full ride valued at nearly US$300,000.”- @jamaicagleaner It’s been quite the journey and Monique has been so fearless - even when her SAT scores were at first discouraging she redoubled her efforts. She faced her fears applying (and winning) the competition I pushed her to enter - applying for the summer Programs we recommended - and getting a scholarship to attend that too. @kendelfoods has committed to support Monique for airfare - but moving into a dorm and starting can still be so so expensive with requirements like a laptop etc - so I asked Monique to make @amazon wishlist - if you want to support please please swipe up in my story or DM me! Congrats again Monique and your parents - sky is the limit!!!