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Photo by @taylorglenn | Evening ride in the park. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Follow @taylorglenn for more from #JacksonHole and beyond. #tetons #wyomingPhoto by @BabakTafreshi | As fascinating as the aurora was, the excitement of this couple seeing the northern lights for the first time, bursting in colorful rays above the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in West Iceland, was better. People often ask me the where and when to see the lights. Once you are near polar latitudes in the right season there is no particularly favored place for aurora watching, anywhere with a clear sky, away from city lights and an open horizon works fine. Pick a moonless night to see fainter auroras, especially now that we are deep in the solar minimum and the activity is generally low. Sometimes you have to wait until midnight to see a better display. Anytime from September to March is fine when the sky is dark at latitudes of above 60 degrees. Check reliable sources like for aurora activity and follow me @babaktafreshi for more. #twanight #aurora #northernlights #astrophotography #stargazingPhoto by @mborowick | Hong Kong is one of the most dense cities I’ve ever traveled to. With a current population of almost 7.5 million people, most residential buildings go straight up into the sky instead of spread out like many other large cities throughout the world. There are over 9,000 high-rises, with more than 1,500 of them being considered skyscrapers which stand over 100 meters. #hongkong #travel #city #exploreVideo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | People enjoy a boat ride past the world’s only floating animal sanctuary in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. De Poezenboot, seen in the background, is Dutch for “the catboat” hosts around 50 stray and abandoned cats, 17 of which are permanent residents that have lived on the boat for several years. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen #amsterdam #NetherlandsPhoto by @jessicasample | The edge of Ke'e beach is the last beach before the start of the steep Kalalau Trail that is an 11 mile hike each way along the Napali Coast. #kauai #hawaiiPhoto by @MichaelGeorge | Autumn in Japan is a spectacle of joy and color. Through the trees you can see visitors walking slowly in the canopy of trees near Kitano Tenman-Gu Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. #kyoto #autumn #japan #fallfoliagePhoto by @renan_ozturk | Absorbing the beating pulse of collective world culture. I'm not a city person but I always appreciate a trip to the Big Apple and the inspiration it provides. See @renan_ozturk for travel images from around the globe.Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | Fishing dhows heading out for low tide on the outer reef of the Quirimba Islands, Mozambique. These once rich waters have been fished-out and now coastal families have moved to this waterless islet to be closer to the fishing areas on the outer reef. It may be beautiful from above… but you can’t eat beauty. To see more of our world from above, follow @geosteinmetz.Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | Mt. Cook (also known as Aoraki), seen here from the Tasman Glacier, is the tallest peak in the southern alps of New Zealand. At 3,724 meters (12,218 feet) and with three separate summits it is a serious challenge for any mountaineer. It is also the peak that Sir Edmund Hillary used to train for his Everest climb. This large panorama consists of twelve different images and could be printed the size of a bus with incredible detail. #aoraki #mtcook #newzealandPhoto by @tobyharriman | Taken from an amazing flight over the Alaska Range. On a rare clear day, you get to see the incredible Ruth Gorge Glacier leading up to the giant Mount Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America. Peaks from left to right are Mount Church, Mount Dickey, and Mount Denali. #alaska #alaskastories #climateactionPhoto by @cristinamittermeier | I was ready to drop my cameras and spring to the rescue as I watched fishermen fight to keep their boat upright as they approached the shore of the historic fishing town of Winneba, Ghana. Thankfully my heroics were not needed, but despite the incredible amount of effort they put into today’s haul, they will not have great economic reward. The odds are stacked against them because there is no means to preserve their catch. What isn’t sold at the local markets is thrown away or sold at a very low cost, placing struggling families under even more economic strain and at risk of selling their children into slavery under the false promise of a better life. Follow me @cristinamittermeier for more stories about people living in coastal communities all over the world. #Ghana #fishermen #community #sailboatPhoto by @daisygilardini | Botswana is home to one of Africa’s largest elephant populations (a third of the total), around 130,000 individuals in all. A 2018 Elephants Without Borders survey, however, reports an unprecedented increase in poaching, after nearly 90 elephant carcasses were found. Follow me @DaisyGilardini for more images and stories behind the scenes #africa #elephant #botswana #chobenationalpark #wildlifephotography