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Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | A steep staircase from the Kimpusen-ji temple that leads down to the Noten-okami temple in Yoshino National Park near Nara, Japan. #nara #yoshino #kimpusen-ji #japanPhoto by @jimmychin | Waddington Range, British Columbia. Alpine rock climbing is one of my favorite ways to interact with mountain landscapes. Conditions have to be just right to find moments like this with Kinley Aitken. For more images of mountain adventures, follow me @jimmychin.Photo @stephen_matera | Valley fog and volcanic rocks at sunset, both of which are a common site at Mt. Rainier National Park in summer. Mt. Rainier is a 14,411-foot-tall stratovolcano that was as high as 16,000 feet until about 5,000 years ago. Around that time, a large chunk of the volcano avalanched with debris that created the Osceola Mudflow. All of that slid all the way to the site of the current locations of Tacoma and Seattle, causing the mountain to lose about 1,600 feet of elevation. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Washington and around the world. #stratovolcano #volcanic #fogPhoto by @ChrisBurkard | I traveled to India for the waves and found something quite different. After years of planning, I finally put together and pulled the trigger on my first surf trip to India. We scored great swell, but looking back at the trip what stands out to me the most was the culture. Today, India has a population of over 1.3 billion and is packed tight with traditions, festivals, spiritual beliefs, and architecture. Indian folklore deems the ocean an “organic spiritual dimension,” and a variety of people who utilize the sea hold this close to their hearts. As surfing becomes more popular in India, it’s been developing a connection with the traditional fishing community that relies on the ocean for a source of income. Surfers and fishermen alike say there is a sense of camaraderie between the two groups, new and old. The surfers often help the fisherman drag or launch their boats and fisherman can be found watching foreign surfers in awe and asking them questions. As the surfing community grows, surf schools and camps that teach tourists and travelers often use funds to give back to the fishing community or ocean protection efforts. With the world’s largest youth population, the next generation of Indian natives are taking a liking to surfing and sport is gaining traction quickly along the country’s 4,500+ miles of coast.Photo by @christianziegler | A Buddhist Monastery surrounded by white prayer flags on a hilltop near Thimphu Bhutan. @insidenatgeo #Bhutan #PrayerFlags Follow me @christianziegler for more travel and nature storiesPhoto by @DaisyGilardini | A group of king penguins goes to the sea early in the morning. The glow is due to the sun reflecting off the penguins' shiny bellies onto the white sand. I love to fly as it gives me a totally different perspectives. Follow me @DaisyGilardini for more images and stories behind the scenes. #kingpenguin #dronephotography #birdphotography #climatechangeisrealPhoto by @dina_litovsky | A couple dances tango on the cobblestone streets of San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. San Telmo is the birthplace of the world-famous, sultry dance. Its famous square, Plaza Dorrego, is the hot spot for watching both professional and amateur dancers perform every evening.Photo by @hoffmanbrendan | A pair of monkeys in a serene nature park in the popular Himalayan backpacker stopover of Manali, India. The park is a green oasis in the center of the town, which is often a departure point for the long overland journey north to the Ladakh region. #manali #india #monkeyPhoto by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | A rare aerial view of the Pyramid of Khafre, as seen from my paramotor. I couldn’t stop imagining the sight of it being built, with the mass of humanity toiling to satisfy one man’s quest for eternity. To view more of our earth from above, follow me @geosteinmetz #notadronePhoto by @jimmychin | A day to remember in Queen Maud Lane, Antarctica. There are only a few times I’ve truly felt like I was on another planet. This was one of them. I kept thinking this must be what it’s like on the moon. This is Conrad Anker traversing the final ridge below the upper headwall on Ulvetanna. We had a good day not talking about much that wasn’t already obvious– that this place was mind blowing. For more images of adventures in Antarctica, follow me @jimmychin. #UlvetannaPhoto by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder | It was recently announced that U.S. President Trump's Treasury Department is banning cruise ship travel between the United States and Cuba, further walking back the previous administration's relaxation of travel restrictions between the two countries. In 2016, I went on assignment for @natgeo on the first American cruise ship to dock in Cuba for nearly 40 years. Here, a car drives past crumbling seafront architecture on the Malecón, Havana’s seawall. From there, the closest tip of the United States (la Yuma, as it’s called in Cuban slang) is some 90 miles away. To see more from Cuba, follow me @dguttenfelder and read the full story in the November 2016 edition National Geographic.Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | A Buddhist temple near the Tenman Shrine in Yoshino National Park near Nara, Japan. This temple and this area are famous for a cherry blossom festival that takes place in the spring. On our visit after the main tourist season, we saw very few people out and about. Finding this temple in the forest was a surprise and offered up a grand adventure to explore the surrounding mountains. #tenmanshrine #yoshinio #japan #nara