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The name Zoe means life, which is such a fitting name for this cat who was saved at our recent rescue operation in Killeen, TX. ⠀ ⠀ Thanks to your support, Zoe is getting the care she so desperately needed, and we can’t wait to see her live the life she deserves. 💓Here’s something that may surprise you: Did you know US prairie dog populations have seen an alarming decline of more than 95%? These petite grassland critters are a keystone species that build strong family bonds and even form sophisticated languages.  With the threat of extinction becoming very real, join us as our Prairie Dog Coalition begins their 100-mile journey across the #GreatPlains to raise awareness while there’s still time left! #PDContheTransect  #Yellowstone #PrairieDogs #PlightOfPrairieDogs #FightForALLAnimalsDuring our rescue in Killeen, we found Alicia with three legs, one of which seems to have healed improperly from trauma.  Thanks to your support, she’ll be with us receiving the urgent care she needs before she finds a loving home through one of shelter and rescue partners.   Your lifesaving contribution to our EARF ensures we can reach animals like Alicia year-round. Donate now using the link in our bio. 💙The giraffe has enchanted children, travelers and nature lovers alike for its beautiful long neck and unique patterns. But this species has been facing a “silent extinction”—unbeknownst to many, wild populations have declined by about 40% over the past few decades.   This #WorldGiraffeDay, join us in urging the U.S. to list the giraffe as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act using the link in our bio before it's too late. 💙🦒 #fightforALLanimalsWe're pretty lucky that EVERY day is take your dog to work day at HSUS! Do you have a dog-friendly office or participate in #takeyourdogtoworkday? 🐶🐾💙HAVE YOU HEARD?! The Estée Lauder Companies are now supporting our #BeCrueltyFree campaign to end cosmetic animal testing for cosmetics globally! Please join us in thanking @esteelaudercompanies! 🎉💙200 animals were rescued in Killeen, TX last week and brought to our emergency shelter for urgent care. Tiny Tina was one of them.  We need your urgent, lifesaving contribution to our Emergency Animal Rescue Fund to help animals like Tiny Tina receive the care they deserve. Support our year-round lifesaving work today using the link in our bio. 💙BREAKING NEWS! Canada just passed legislation to finally put an end to its role in the gruesome shark fin trade. 🙌  Previously, Canada was the largest importer of shark fins outside of Asia, but that will end with this legislation. In fact, Canada will be the first country in the G20 with a shark fin trade ban, making Canada a global leader in protecting sharks. 💙🦈  #fightforALLanimalsBEHIND THE SCENES of our recent rescue operation in TX: These animals are now receiving the love and care they so desperately needed from the veterinary team at our temporary shelter. They will remain here until they are healthy enough to be transported to our shelter and rescue partners to be placed for adoption.⠀ ⠀ We need your urgent, lifesaving contribution to our Emergency Animal Rescue Fund to help these and other animals. Support our year-round lifesaving work today using the link in our bio. 💙 #fightforALLanimalsTHEY NEED YOUR HELP‼️These are just a handful of the almost 200 kittens and cats, and several dogs we rescued from an alleged severe neglect situation in Killeen, TX on Friday. In addition to the nearly 200 we rescued, we had to remove around 40 animals found dead in the freezer.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ The animals we saved are now receiving urgent, round-the-clock care from veterinarians, and a clean, comfortable place to sleep in our temporary shelter. If you can, please make an urgent, lifesaving contribution to our Emergency Animal Rescue Fund using the link in our bio to help these animals in need and to support our efforts to be able to rescue and protect animals in this and other emergencies.⠀ It's #NaturePhotographyDay! What better excuse to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors? 📷🦌🌾🐻🌳🦊💙ANIMALS IN CRISIS! We're on the scene in Killeen, TX assisting with an alleged neglect case involving hundreds of kittens and cats, and dogs. Please stay tuned for more information about this disturbing rescue.