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Connecting the full circle🌎 breath, movement, nutrients, peace, nature, love. •Director of Holistic Health @treigning_lab •[email protected]

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I used to watch @mark_munoz UFC fights, never imagining I’d work with him one day. Blessed to be surrounded by some of the most incredible humans in the world! 8 am lifts before we all do what we do best🌎 Inquire about our “Treigning Camp” to join in on our strength & conditioning program. This is the most detailed program I’ve ever seen. DM @treigning_lab for more info now! #treigninglabstrong @treigning_lab @mark_munoz @coachbosstlabThis program is for the athlete and coach that always *hears* how powerful yoga is... BUT WHAT IS YOGA? These last 10 years I’ve been heavily involved in both the athletic world and yoga community. One common theme is the lack of knowledge and understanding of what yoga is, who it benefits, how to integrate it into your lifestyle, when to practice it, and where to practice. My mission creating this 6 week program is to not only educate all athletes and coaches upon the foundations of yoga, but also to provide an opportunity for all athletes to begin experiencing the infinite benefits of this ancient art connecting mind, body, and soul. This 6 week course will include 2 yoga practices per week taught by myself at the @treigning_lab , and an online educational component sent to you every Sunday to self study the practice of yoga. There is no program in the world like this, until now. Currently, I’m only offering this program to those who are able to physically join my yoga classes. Soon, we’ll be offering this program world wide. Stay tuned. Saturday August 17th & Saturday August 24th I’m hosting a free seminar 1130a-1p to discuss this course. Both days, I’m also offering a free yoga class 915-1030a before the seminar begins. ALL are welcome. Please join in and spread the love! DM @treigning_lab or contact myself for any and all additional information and/or questions. The start date is 5 weeks from today, I look forward to meeting you all. Together, we can make a huge positive impact within ourselves and upon world around us following this program. See YOU soon! #treigninglabstrongToday marked the first yoga practice many of these humans have ever experienced. I whole heartedly believe every human on Mother Earth can and will benefit from this ancient art of connecting the full circle- mind to body, body to mind. What an absolute honor to be here to open the doorway of an incredibly healing and vibrant practice to so many. Here’s to breath, movement, awareness, consciousness, inner peace, and One Love. 🌎 Find me ready to teach YOU at The Treigning Lab every Saturday 915am in the month of August (complimentary & for all humans). Come one, come all. Starting September, many more offerings will be added to the schedule. The world is ours! 🌎 #treigninglabstrong 1025 Ortega Way Unit B Placentia Ca 92870And there she goes!! My whole world, my big giant! I love you more than life my “nelpie dawn, goosie, Mai, wawa, sugar booty!!” 💓💓💓💓Another annual week of memories in the books with most of my favorite people on Mother Earth🌎 I love y’all and life so damn much!!! Thank you mom and dad for providing this space for all of us to spread love and laughter together! You the real MVP’s!! Back to work we all go🌊🦋🌝The jujus🌊🌊 The attitude is real! I’ll always be so extremely thankful my sis and I had girls within a year... they’re little “besties!”how lucky i am to have the same road doge since 5th grade for all of lifeIt means no worries, for the rest of your days! 💚💛❤️We’re here! #newport2019Laser like focus. In yoga we call this our drishti. “The only thing that can grow is that which you give energy to.” If your mind is focused on fear, fear is where you’ll live. If your mind is focused on your dreams, your dreams is where you’ll live. If your mind is focused on love, Love is where you’ll live. What reality do you want to live in? @treigning_labWarming up over here at the @treigning_lab 🌎 mma, strength, conditioning, wrestling, yoga, recovery, nutrition... #commUNITY . Uniting all forces, all lights, all beings, all love. Let’s do this.#yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down