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Connecting the full circle; breath, movement, nutrition, consciousness & love. Working with professional athletes, loving all humanity🌎

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Isn’t it pretty rad we can manifest all our wildest dreams into our reality ? 🕉🌀🔮📿👁💫Train with me all month starting June 1st (13 days)! For the next 5 days I’m running a special price of $160 ($15 off) which gets ya 3 days a week of training with me all June (and 7 others in ea class), and a smoothie per training day packed with so many earthy ingredients🥬🥒🥕🍓🍉🍐🍊🍋🌿🌱🌞🌼 Mon & Fri we’ll workout🏋️‍♀️💪🏃‍♀️ , Wed we’ll practice yoga🤸‍♀️& meditation🧘‍♂️. No experience needed. Either commit to 730-830am, or 9-10am. Summer is upon us, y’all 🌎🌞🌊👙 Who doesn’t want to start their day with a sweaty feel good workout, and have the whole day for summer vibes?!it’s my old roomie/name sharing/best forever friend/fams birthday today. This woman has held me together sooooo many times. And the amount of belly laughing memories is even beyond that. I love you deeply hannah. Today we celebrate YOU. You have one of the most beautiful spirits I’ve ever known. Grateful our paths crossed in the craziest way to build a friendship so close to mine and pens hearts. You’re such an amazing woman!💞A few Souls wandering this miraculous Mother Earth together 🌍🦋🌳🌊🌷the bear has two moods: wild and hilarious, or calm and cuddly. I love both so much. Right now he’s calm and cuddly💞💞💞 my hearts exploding.Hobbies. Posting about this in hopes y’all are already involved and can give feedback, want to join/start with me, or maybe inspire you to try new things.🌎✨ Recently I’ve felt the urge to really invite new hobbies into my life. I’ve realized how easy it is to become stagnant when you surround yourself in a stagnant reality. I’d consider myself a really active and creative person, but haven’t ventured into new hobbies outside of my comfort zones in the hobby world. Currently on my free time, I practice yoga a lot, go on hikes, ride bikes with the goose, write poems quite a bit, and surround myself with good people at the dinner table. But what if we all started really trying new hobbies? I mean, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Why go a whole life without learning? What if I started taking guitar lessons vs going to a brewery on a Saturday night?! I’ve been thinking about this SO much lately. Here’s ideas of what I would love to dive into asap: •buy a cheap pair of roller blades and blade down the boardwalk Sunday mornings🌞🌊🤘 sounds corny but i mean seriously, how fun?!? •indoor/outdoor rock climbing •acro yoga •areal yoga •guitar lessons •mountain biking •car/tent camping more often •start learning/practicing one of the realms of MMA (jiu jitsu maybe?) •dancing (salsa, hip hop, pole... who knows💃🤪) some of these hobbies are so pricey, so I’d take the cheap/ ‘offer up’ finds route as much as possible ;) But is anyone already involved in any of the above and have any feedback? Or have any other ideas of what hobbies YOU love doing? Or want to invite new hobbies into your life as well and want to join? Community is unity. Unity is love. Mad love to all🌎🌞🤘✨Sunny started howling every now and then when I play my music. I then realized it’s only when summer nights by @iration comes on. Great song choice, my sun. I love you so much🌞 ps. You’re not even 4 months old yet, how big are ya gonna get?! 💞✨Let me tell you bout my best friend 🤩🤩🤩Growing up as a little girl I always hoped for a daughter named Penny Dawn. When I became pregnant, I decided Sunny Rae may fit her better🌻 (even her baby shower/gifts said Sunny Rae everywhere)🌞 but the moment I held her, I knew she was a Penelope Dawn🌎🌄 I trusted that a Sunny would come into our life at some point. 5 years later, we have our Sunny boy. These two fill my heart with so much love🌞🌎✨When I began my journey at 18yo I was sooo invested in becoming the strongest and fittest version of myself. Around 23yo, that shifted. I then became SO intrigued by the wonders of the mind. My inner world became my priority (still is). Throughout this time of exploring & expanding my mind & consciousness, I still took great care of my body, but becoming the strongest/fittest wasn’t at the top of my todo list. Recently, I’ve become passionate about balancing both. For the first time in years I’m reintroducing heavy weights into my daily routine again.... and it feels so, so, so damn good! #balance #strength #consciousness #mindfulness #health #wealth #love #mindbodysoul #explore #energy #yoga #thetreigninglab #treigninglabstrong #yogateacher #movement #LIFEI’ve been talking about it for years, today I woke up and felt like it was the day;) All the love to @leannajoanhamilton for feeling confident with scissors in her hand, and @aflemz for styling and making me feel all sexaaay💋💋💋fav time of year and fav place to be 🦋