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Historic West Chester, PA


We foster awareness and appreciation of West Chester’s heritage as expressed through its people, culture, institutions and architecture.

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New history being made in old West Chester! Amazing to see this project coming along on Church and Gay Sts.When renovating your West Chester home, keep an eye out for interesting architectural or historical artifacts. A cistern was found during renovations to a home on West Barnard Street. Home is circa 1850. Cistern is in back yard about 20 feet from the original kitchen. It was filled with brick rubble. Would love to see what other people have uncovered! #westchesterpa #historicCCHS was founded in 1893 as a place to collect and store items of historical value. In 1942 it expanded into Horticultural Hall to make room for an expanding museum collection. The permanent collection is currently under renovation to further expand the collection. The library reopens February 1st so stop in and see what the archives and museum have to offer!Congratulations to everyone who graduated on Sunday! #wcpa #wcu #westchesterpa #wcupa #wintergraduation2018 #goramsEhinger Gymnasium was built in 193p and is one of the most heavily used buildings on campus. It was lightly renovated in 1998 and 2001. Attached to the back is Hollinger Field House where this year's undergraduate commencement ceremony is being held this Sunday! #wcpa #wcu #westchesterpa #wcupaRecitation Hall is one of WCU's original buildings. It was built in 1892 of serpentine rubble stone with a slate roof, marking it as one of the architectural treasures on campus. It now houses the School of Education. Hope finals are going well for everyone! #wcpa #wcu #westchesterpa #wcupaIt's finals week so time for a bit of history about campus! Anderson Hall was built in 1938 by Zantzinger and Borie and is one of the architectural gems of West Chester. It is the campus' largest classroom facility. It recently underwent renovation projects and is currently under construction again, with a planned finish in Spring 2019. #wcupa #historicwcpa #westchesterpa #wcu #wcpaThe newest of West Chester's high schools, construction of Rustin began in 2003 and opened for the 2006-07 school year. Bayard Rustin, for whom the school is named, was a civil rights, socialism, nonviolence and gay rights leader in America. West Chester was his home town, so it's only fitting that the new school was named after him. It is one of several buildings across the country named in his honor. This is where I graduated from, who else can say the same? #wcpa #historicwcpa #westchesterpa #wcu #wcupaEast High School was established in 1973. When it opened, the school district began to split the student population of Henderson between the two schools. Students from Stetson and Fugett middle schools attended East until the opening of Rustin High school in 2008. As part of a large project, East was renovated from 2003-2006, including work on the main building and athletic fields, as well as the construction of new baseball fields, a new science wing, and a new basketball gymnasium. Who graduated from here? #wcpa #historicwcpa #westchesterpa #wcu #wcupaThis week, the high schools of West Chester, starting with Henderson! Originally named West Chester High School, it was established in 1866 and began annually graduating classes in 1869. In 1906 a new school was built next to the original one and the yearbook, which still continues, was established. In 1947 the school was destroyed by a fire, with the roof collapsing and flames estimated to be 100 ft. high. In 1968 it was renamed B. Reed Henderson High School after the longest serving principle of any high school in the district, the same man who had been principal at the time of the fire. How many of you graduated from here? #wcpa #historicwcpa #westchesterpa #wcu #wcupaContinuing our brief foray into serpentine stone is Ruby Jones Hall on the West Chester University Campus. Ruby Jones hall was built in 1899 by Baker and Dallet Architects. It was named after Ruby Johnson Jones, a 1940 graduate of WCU who taught there from 1961 to 1972. It was last renovated in 1988 and is part of the National Register of Historical Places. It recently earned WCU a Historic Preservation Award. #wcpa #historicwcpa #westchesterpa #wcu #wcupaThis week a brief look at some serpentine stone buildings in West Chester! First up is the Holy Trinity Episcopalian on S. High Street. This photo was taken by C. S. Bradford Jr. after 1890. The church proper was built in 1830 and is a classic example of mid-19th century neo-gothic design. It is also the largest remaining serpentine stone structure in the world. Historic photo courtesy of the Library of Congress. #wcpa #historicwcpa #westchesterpa #wcu #wcupa