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One of the things I like about using a full sized 1/4" plywood panel on the bottom of drawers. You can use the bottom to square up the drawer by first attaching the front and pulling the drawer box flush with the panel and attaching. Perfectly square drawers every time 👍 #quicktip #fixthisbuildthatHere's a simple way to make a tenoning jig in just a few minutes. I already had the miter spline jig, so I just used the other side to attach a tall fence to clamp on. Then I set a tall backer board on it with tape and CA glue. This is the perfect application for it as you can put a new zero clearance backer on each time. Worked like a charm when cutting the open slots for my Flip Top locking hardware! Easier than you thought, right? #jigs #fixthisbuildthatBreaking down plywood off the ground!?! Who dis? I haven't quite figured out the best way to use these @boracentipede stands but (evidenced by the end of the video), but not kneeling on the ground was a big plus! And the @kregjig plunge saw has taken over for my cordless saw just cause of how awesome the dust collection is. Think this is going to be a good setup, especially when I can break down right from the truck. 👍 #plywood #fixthisbuildthat#tbt to the wireless charging desk I made. This is still one of my favorite projects. Mainly because it blew up my YouTube channel 😂😂. What has been your most popular project on IG or YT? #woodworking #youtuber #fixthisbuildthatUsing these dowel centers is fun, but nerve racking. I've had them go wrong in the past, but when drilling the lower leg dowels they worked great this time! Had to use this method cause the holes were offset from center for my design. Honestly though, I kinda hate dowel joinery. So finicky. What are your thoughts on dowels as a joinery method? #dowels #kindasuck #fixthisbuildthatHere's a little teaser of my latest video where I built a walnut coffee table from rough walnut. Lots of great tips in the video and I had fun making and editing this one. Head over to my YouTube channel (link in bio) to see the whole thing. Is it weird it took me this long to build a coffee table? I feel like after a cutting board that's the next thing most woodworkers make 😂😂 #coffeetable #woodworking #fixthisbuildthatJust launched my video on making what I'm calling my Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table. The walnut turned out soooo nice! Big thanks to @jet.woodworking for their new 13" planer that ate that walnut for breakfast. Head over to my YouTube channel (link in bio) to see the build! And what style would you call this thing? Modern Farmhouse seemed fitting, but maybe it's just modern craftsman, or 🤔 #walnut #coffeetable #fixthisbuildthatThe walnut for my coffee table top had some big knots with cracks all the way through them that needed to be filled. I didn't have any dye or tint on hand and didn't want to use metallic pigment to tint the epoxy. So I just used some regular black latex paint, and it worked awesome! No need for any fancy dyes or tints, regular old paint tinted the epoxy just fine and I already had a can in the shop. 👍 What else have y'all used to tint epoxy that worked well? #epoxy #woodworkingI debated using some biscuits during the glue up of the walnut top and shelf for the coffee table. But I skipped it. Even with a 6 board glue up I don't think they're necessary. Of course I have a drum sander to flatten all the seams effortlessly so take that with a grain of salt. Are you on team biscuits, team dominos, team pocket screws, or like me team just glue? #justglue #fixthisbuildthatWelcome to my shop, Mr. Chamfer Bit. You will never look this nice again. Who else loves breaking in a new blade or bit? 🙋‍♂️ #newbitsmell #fixthisbuildthat#tbt to the desk I made for my daughter last year. I'm happy to say I've finally got a project in the works for one of my sons. He's not loved that his sister has already gotten 4 builds to his 1 😀. Does your family jockey for who gets your next build? #familyprojects #dadlife #fixthisbuildthatIs it just me or does this walnut coming out of the planer look familiar? 🤔 Maybe this is Imperial walnut 😜 #walnutdestroyer #fixthisbuildthat