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This kasmall bag ni ka cute!!!!! This is the right size especially for work related movements!! I myself prefer medium size bags... @fashion_geeks_online_store @fashion_geeks_online_storeSimple dresses for a relaxed day!!! @marianna_kollexion she got you coveredShe has a new body, it can get abit challenging on how to dress it!!!! So this is the time she can hire wardrobe expertsI am so Inlove with Nancy.... very beautiful womanNichore nasemaPlagiarism is a serious crimeSorry But not sorry!! The theme is simply boring.... And what was the purpose of that weed on your hand?Aherm!Grammar and spelling cops mko wapi? Ila mkasaliNow this is a beautiful flawless makeup!!! Hongera sana Mama @laviemakeup you did it again!This is Nakaaya? Woow she lookes very beautiful in her new body!!! This is called commitment And this is my style, shirts and Jeans very comfyTemporary Post!