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Give your boy @itsdukebush a follow to join his adventure pack! #ad “When I’m not spilling the beans about the @bushsbeans beans family recipe, I’m spilling the secrets to keeping it golden 24/7!” writes @itsdukebush“When you do a rubbish throw but your wingman catches it for you 💪” writes @springer_sam #dogsofinstagram“Our favorite hang out SPOT 🖤” writes @riptideandtsunami #dogsofinstagramLucy Feeling regal in her harness 🌴🍃🌵STORY TAKEOVER! “You had me at Aloha 😍” writes @mistricks | Hula on over to our Stories and check out how the Southern California pups are celebrating her 3rd birthday! #dogsofinstagram“Cuddles with bae” writes @charlieandbodie #dogsofinstagram#ad “Just testing out a few looks for my keynote – I mean, meet and greet – at #Petcon this weekend.” writes @itsdukebush #dukebush #livingthatgoldenlife #southerncharm #petsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #goldenretrievers #instahumor #makingmemories #petinfluencer“Yin and yang. Love the contrast between the dark tulips on the left, and the light ones on the right, but the best part is definitely in the middle" writes @huskiesofpnw #dogsofinstagramSTORY TAKEOVER! “Sleeping happily after a long day of fun. Wondering why? Come join our journey to the Corgi Con!” writes @lychee_the_corgi | Tap our Stories to follow along on Lychee and Mochee’s fun (and fluffy) weekend! #dogsofinstagram“Kona loves camping so much - as you can see from his happy and drooly face.” writes @goldenkonabear #dogsofinstagramWe can’t believe #petcon is only one week away! We can’t wait to see all our favorite Instagram pets and meet all of you at our meet + greet! Snag your tickets at and don’t forget to swing by our pop-up // @petconofficialSTORY TAKEOVER! “California knows how to party!” writes @arnedoodle | Tap our Stories and check out Arne’s rad 5th birthday party! 🎂🎉