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when @thejoshtrinh meets @blondiesbaby 💦💦💦 #poolpartylast week’s date night 🦁🐯baby present 3, the most special of all 🎁 all jokes aside, i think it’s so meaningful that this is the first family heirloom my husband wanted to give me to pass down to our daughter, it’s almost like i am wearing it for her until she’s ready ♥️ the rose gold is especially meaningful, and it’s already engraved with her name and birthday. Nicely done @blondies_husband - you are the best gift-giver, first and foremost the greatest gift, our baby!! 🥰 And if there’s a meaning to the 10 diamonds, you’ll have to explain it yourself 😘baby gift part 2 💗💗 can’t wait for all the strolls together in slides, stilettos and everything in between 💃🏼💃🏼baby presents part 1 💗 swipe to see why!@blondiesbaby ‘s first reveal video!! 🎉 @blondies_husband went a little overboard on the ‘push-presents’ 🥰 (which should really be called, ‘thank you for completely sacrificing your body and mind gifts’ ♥️)@blondiesbaby ‘s first dip in the pool! 💦💦💦summertime has never been so sweet 🌺 thank you @oliviavonhalle for this beautiful kimono for our wedding last year that i have been living in for lazy afternoons dancing in the backyard with my babe 💃🏼💃🏼big sister keeping a watchful eye over her little sister 💗💗 #myeverythingsmy little summer blossom 🌹🌹🌹 one of our favorite activities is taking summertime strolls together ♥️this weekend @blondies_husband ‘s parents were in town and were incredibly sweet to offer to babysit @blondiesbaby so we could go out on a date 💃🏼🕺🏻 it felt pretty nice to put on some makeup, attempt lashes, get dressed in heels and use an evening bag 🤪 and most importantly celebrate that our daughter was born 3 weeks ago ♥️i will gaze into these eyes forever 🤩 #bathtime#mylittleunicorn#18daysold