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#woodworker #diyer #pdx PDX based craftsman creating furniture • home decor • Video tutorials • DM for custom orders

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Full rotation of the @grizzlyindustrial inserts. Tip, remove with the impact. Don’t install with it 😬Working on a diy kitchen mallet video with a little help from the @sawstopsaws router lift/wing. There’s some debate on if wood is appropriate for food preparation (spoiler, it’s the best). Would you use a wood mallet in the kitchen?Came up with this base design along side the client. Then just sent the specs to @symmetryhardware and done! Offset legs and different widths too much?20 year old jointer still good as new 💪🏻Here’s how I make my angled short cuts on the miter saw. I jump at the chance to go hands free when possible. Anyone else have some scary cuts on the miter saw?You probably should go #followfriday @ursusworkshop today. I’ve really been enjoying his 30 day dovetail challenge. This one was skateboard plywood in a double dovetail. Really awesome stuff.No router meat tenderizer prototype face. It’ll obviously be nicer, but what are your thoughts on freehand grid vs perfectly symmetrical?One of my last resin workshop students was apparently a resin pro in her own right. Stopped by her house with a delivery and she showed me her “quilt room” with maybe the coolest island I’ve ever seen, that she made herself.New old chisel. Thoughts on the black handle?? Not original, but I kinda like it.Lawsuit inhibiting technique(Sound on) Pretty good edge on these pretty inexpensive chisels 👌Just learned this is called a crepe?? Was someone messing with me, or is that actually what this is called?