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One man shop in Portland, Oregon making custom furniture, how-to videos, and stuff that’s just fun to watch.

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I liked the reverse layout of this table so much I almost went with the underside as the top side. Also, does anyone have any idea working on 600 pounds and 10’ of table is by yourself?Why could I picture myself doing this? Credit: the internetIf you’re gonna install C channels in your tables, you gotta make a jig. I tried it with the Festool track and router exactly once. Next to impossible to line up perfectly. Router bushing, spiral bit, and proper spacer for your channel will get perfect results in a fraction of the time.Sound on! @canadianwoodworks style C-channels are in! These really do make a difference with large slabs that want to flex. Had an accidental experiment a couple years ago with sequential slabs. One had small c channel (I’d consider this large) one didn’t. Aggressive cup on the one without, the one with is still dead flat.These projects often have hiccups. After I was completely done with the top, I found a couple areas of softer wood that I just wasn’t happy with. So had to take the wire wheel to it and start over. Cost of operation.Got a good #followfriday for you guys. Go follow @hallmanwoodworks right now. This guy is not just an awesome maker, he’s quickly building an impressive shop with 16’ CNC, 40hp planers, and slabs for days. I keep telling him he’s gonna be Canadian Woodworks in 5 years (he laughs). Go give him a follow and tell him to post more content.So I love these light streaks, but recently experienced trapped moisture associated with the same type of streaks in walnut. So I was a little worried when they popped up on this big table after planing.... GOOD NEWS though, moisture content is absolutely on point. Read 8-9% everywhere. So well played @gobywalnut and thanks to @wagnermeters for giving me piece of mind.So much work to go...First coat on the underside of this table I’ve yet to have named. Any ideas?Oddball.Scraper for the win. This was after an energy drink though 💪🏻Don’t forget to brush... ok, that was dumb. Even for me. But really, if you brush in the edges of the epoxy pours you’ll get rid of 95% of the little pits that pop up. Especially on big pours.