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We just removed our 4” thick quilted maple coffee table from the mould. This piece was made by doing a single 4” thick pour, due to our aluminum mould and chilled room there is no need for layers. If you do not have the ability to properly cool your piece you must doing pieces like this in 2 pours. #liveedge #peel #woodworking #process #howto #coffeetableDiamond willow branch cast in resin 😱 We have recently been experimenting with methods for doing thicker epoxy pours. We cannot wait to show the new products we will be able to create! Our thickest pour to date is 4.5” and we will soon be trying a 12” pour 😱 For this piece we left the bark on and did not seal the edge, this resulted in some small micro bubbles. For the next piece we will try removing all of the bark in advance! #branch #liveedge #creation #epoxy #resin #woodworking #homedecorPouring 75L of deep blue resin πŸ’§ This is a custom table top that we are creating for our client down in San Francisco. The table was made using two slabs of black walnut from the same tree. After the pour, we will allow the table to sit for three days before de-moulding and then 7 days before machining. The harder the epoxy is, the easier it will machine. #resin #epoxy #pour #mixing #casting #wooden #craftsFinishing a 15’ walnut conference table 🀀 We constructed this table using two book-matched slabs of salvaged black walnut. In order to fit the table in our clients freight elevator we had to split the table in the middle. Once on site, we will join the slabs back together using mechanical connectors. #conferencetable #walnut #wooden #finishing #maker #furnituredesignThese slabs of quilted maple measure in at just over 4” thick and will be one our thickest pour to date! We are able to successfully pour this piece in a single pour due to our cooled room and aluminum mould. We keep the room around 16C and use the aluminum table to dissipate excess heat. #epoxy #bark #process #liveedge #cleaning #woodwork #tableWe are nearly completed the matching wine tasting tables that we were recently commissioned to build. They were constructed using a 20’ slab of claro walnut and 260L of resin. These tables will be shipped down to Las Vegas and we will be flying down to assist with the delivery. Stay tuned for a video showing the start to finish process of these tables. #finishing #process #woodworking #resin #furniture #woodgrainThese are the first two sample tables for a project which calls for 50 tables like this. We have been commissioned by a builder here in Calgary to create dining room tables for an upcoming condominium development. It is an honour to be able to share our work with so many people in one space! #construction #newhome #woodworking #furniture #tools #woodenWhat do you think of this quilted maple coffee table? πŸ€” We were commissioned by a client in Colorado to create a new coffee table for their living room. They wanted a piece with clear enough resin to still see the live edge but did not want to see the legs through the resin. To achieve this, we first poured a 1/2” thick opaque layer and then topped it off with transparent resin. #coffeetable #liveedge #furniture #homerenovation #livingroom #woodworkingCustom wine tasting tables for @thestirlingclub 🀀 Today we applied the first coat of oil to this pair of tables. Both pieces are made from a single 20’ slab and when put together they will appear as a single piece. When completed we will be sending these tables down to Las Vegas! #walnut #woodgrain #epoxy #winery #furniture #maker #interiorinspoWe were commissioned to build this custom dining table for our client’s new home in Texas. The wood is bastogne walnut from @gl_veneer. The wood features intense figuring in the grain which gives the piece a 3D appearance. In order to pour this table in a single shot, we used an aluminum mould to dissipate excess heat from the chemical reaction. #epoxy #howto #furniture #homerenovation #wooddesign #craftsmanship12’ x 5’ walnut dining table with clear resin 😱 Today we shipped out this custom piece that will be headed down to the Dominican Republic. This table was made using two slabs of salvaged black walnut, 180 litres of resin, and a custom steel base. #diningtable #walnut #modernfurniture #bespoke #wooden #resinClaro walnut coffee table 🀀 We recently completed this table for @zedd with a brand new design. The epoxy on this piece was done in layers to allow for a metallic appearance while still hiding the base underneath. To achieve this we first poured a 1” solid black layer, and then a 2” metallic layer. #furnituredesign #coffeetable #maker #homedecor #interiorinspo #woodwork