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angel energy 💫🕊I was so inspired by @emilydidonato’s YouTube video about her journey with her own body I wanted to share mine with you. I remember when I took the first photo over a year and a half ago I was upset and confused - I never had such wide hips before. What happened is that I’m a woman who grew into my body and had stopped unhealthy restrictive eating habits. In the other photo here you can see a huge difference - I was counting my calories, weighing my food, not eating after or before certain hours of the day and other unhealthy restrictive habits. Today, I am so happy and proud of my curves. One day it really hit me that this is the body I’ve been given and it’s gotten me through so much in my life. Why am I fighting it to be a size my body doesn’t want to be? Seeing women like Emily share their story made me proud of where I am today. The last photo was taken yesterday - a perfect description of how I feel, happy & healthy. Love your body because it’s the only one you’ve got and you’re perfect the way you are. 🌟🦋 big love 💓If you know me you know I love flowers, one of my life’s passion is being a florist but it’s definitely is no walk in the garden - I’m constantly using my hands for my work but unfortunately my nails are always getting chipped and broken. It’s the price you pay from gardening and creating extravagant arrangements. I’ve been taking @perfectiloffical now for almost 2 months and it has saved my nails 💅🏼🌸💓 #perfectilpartnerfocus on the good & the good gets better 💓🌟💡spent the day yesterday in nature with good friends 🌿 this is what life’s all about 🌈new day, new opportunity ✨Kiss it💋🍑❤️🌤🌴family🌴🌤❤️❤️🌊growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist. I’ve always been in awe of marine life and the ocean. I followed this sea turtle for so long and she lead me to a spotted eagle ray. It was truly a magical experience 🐠❤️bad guy