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Some pretty restaurant in Paris.A Thursday mood by @reviewslow 🐠• 👋🏾 • photo by @thegutsandglory“Dedicate your book to someone special,” my editor told me. I think I did alright. 😂 pre-order my book “Obviously” the link is in my *oprah voice* bioooooooooooLAST NIGHT’S POD SAVE AMERICA RULED! Swipe to see the theater from the stage, and me, @jfavs and Jon Lovett singing the theme song to Doug. 😂 In a week as shitty as this in America, this was a relief. Link in bio to the full show. Brooklyn, you’re always my favorite.Before I post the sign from @kingsbklyn, I want to take a moment to celebrate this green room look. But don’t worry, sign photo is incoming (and the link to last night’s Pod Save America show is in my bio).There aren’t many photos from my 29th birthday, but this is a good one. #tbtHi abortion should be legal. The onus should not only be on women to 1) speak out and 2) be liable to have a child. Do we make vasectomies illegal? Do we charge men for murder when they leave their sperm to die in a sock? Do we threaten their freedom? No. We refuse to budge one inch. Abortion is healthcare, and women matter.One more because I miss it 😢😖I should go back to Paris probably. ✨🖤Swipe to see me + @chinaealexander + @charli_xcx twerking on stage at @lizzobeeating. 💃🏾💃🏾 💜 [subtle flex with the washer and dryer in unit in the first pic, I’m not sorry]👸🏾Happy Mother’s day to my mama, @cribqueen. She also celebrated her 60th birthday this week and likes include: her nomad bus, good deals, eating ice, drinking “wine with a buzz in it” and real estate. Also, looking hot like she did in this photo from the late 90s and even now. We love a queen who stunts. Love you mama 💕 (Photo album crop by my mom)